Our Mission


At Bewitched by Nature it is our mission to provide quality natural skincare that harnesses the benefits of nature with minimal environmental impact. We believe it is the responsibility of industry and businesses such as ours to lead the way by providing products that support the health and well-being of all living things, as such we aim to only develop and manufacture products which are ethical, environmentally conscious and effective which contain natural and organic ingredients of the highest standard.

About Our Founder

Bewitched by Nature has it’s origins in a small suburban kitchen some 15 years ago where our founder, Samantha Porter would concoct homemade natural remedies and skincare products for friends and family. As a mother of two boys, Sam was keenly aware of the importance of simple, clean products that were safe and effective. As her interest in natural health and well-being grew she decided to formalise her education undertaking studies in Aromatherapy and Naturopathy.

A few years ago after trying numerous natural deodorants that were either ineffective, too expensive, too crumbly, too sticky or even worse caused a horrible burning red rash, utterly frustrated Sam decided to


formulate her own. After considerable research, many trial recipes, some great, some not so great and the help of lots of human test subjects she finally achieved the perfect deodorant paste formula. While extremely proud of developing such an effective natural deodorant Sam was still not satisfied. As an individual who adores the immense beauty of nature and considers environmental protection of utmost importance, she believed she could develop a product that was more environmentally conscious…. AND our natural deodorant stick, packaged in a completely biodegradable, compostable cardboard tube was born.